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Category: Weird Science (unfilter)

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Strange Broadcasts of Unknown Origin Heard Worldwide

"Strange broadcasts of unknown origin and purpose have been heard worldwide since WW1 and continue today. Fairly recently, since the 1990's these broadcasts have been researched in what is known as the Conet Project which distributes recordings of the broadcasts to the public..."
Posted: 15 February 2015 - Category: Weird Science - Source: ufodigest.com
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Scientists 'Make Telepathy Breakthrough'

"Research led by experts at Harvard University shows technology can be used to send a simple mental message from one person to another without any contact between the two..."
Posted: 07 September 2014 - Category: Weird Science - Source: bbc.co.uk
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'Vampire Therapy' Could Reverse Ageing

"A transfusion of youthful blood may halt or even reverse the ageing process as two studies find that the chemical make-up of younger blood has surprising health benefits..."
Posted: 06 May 2014 - Category: Weird Science - Source: telegraph.co.uk
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Controlling Nature: Man and Weather Manipulation

"Since the 1950s, many technologies that were once considered to be science fiction have become science fact. The impossible dream of controlling the weather with technology might not only be technologically possible, but it may be happening at the hands of governments around the world..."
Posted: 26 April 2014 - Category: Weird Science - Source: theepochtimes.com
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Billionaire Claims He Is Getting Younger

"A billionaire fashion designer says scientists have found a way to reverse his ageing process, it seems..."
Posted: 02 March 2014 - Category: Weird Science - Source: bbc.co.uk
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You Can Get Mummified in Utah

"While reading Sarah Murray's excellent book, Making An Exit-a kind of global travelogue exploring "how we dignify the dead" in rituals of dying around the world-I learned that you can actually be mummified by a company in Utah. They're called Summum, they're based in Salt Lake City, and their process is patented. It involves rubber..."
Posted: 17 February 2014 - Category: Weird Science - Source: gizmodo.in
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