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Summary of the Strange 2015 – UFOs and Aliens

2015 was another busy year in the world of UFOs, with many stories ranging from the fascinating to the absurd. Here is our round-up of the most prominent UFO and alien related articles from the last year...
Posted: 03 January 2016 - Category: UFOs
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Five Compelling UFO Videos from 2014

We asked unearthlynews.com visitors to help us rate UFO videos from 2014 to find the most compelling. Now the results are in...
Posted: 01 January 2015 - Category: UFOs
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Eight Reasons Why Everyone Should Believe in UFOs

There are those who believe that we are being visited by craft from other worlds, and those who don’t. Here are eight reasons why perhaps everyone should believe in UFOs, at least a little bit...
Posted: 13 April 2014 - Category: UFOs

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