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Five Compelling UFO Videos from 2014

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We asked unearthlynews.com visitors to help us rate UFO videos from 2014 to find the most compelling. Now the results are in...


Below are five of the top rated videos as voted for by our followers on Twitter and other visitors to this web site. The videos were rated against the following criteria: 'Video Source Credibility', 'Object Clarity', 'Alternative Explanation', and 'Fake Factor'.

Before watching these videos, bear in mind that there might always be another explanation for what at first could seem unexplained. The last year has seen a massive rise in the private use of drone craft which can appear from a distance to act very much like UFOs. Then there is the possibility of test military vehicles, weather anomalies such as ball lightning, floating lanterns, bright stars or planets, and various other explanations that must be eliminated first before the unidentified objects can truly be considered as something otherworldly.

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