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Five Conspiracy Theories Linked to the New World Order

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Have you ever felt like there is a scheme being brewed to attain world domination? Well, the New World Order conspiracy theory suggests this feeling cannot quickly be dismissed as paranoia.

The Eye of Providence

The common theme underlying this theory is the surfacing of a secretive, powerful world government system with an authoritative rule. It is suggested that all sovereign states will consequently be replaced with this system of propaganda.

For several centuries now, countless events have been deemed as steps towards the fulfilment of this plot. In the 80s, the conspiracy was not as widespread as it is today. It was only limited to the staunch Christians worried about the Antichrist and "End of Days". With time, the number of stigmatized knowledge seekers who embraced the conspiracy multiplied tenfold. Many linked theories exist but five of the most popular are:

1. Illuminati
It is known to many as a secret society. The name Illuminati was derived from the era of enlightenment that took place in the late 17th century. Its objective was to oppose influence of religion, superstition and government abuse. On the other hand, it supported gender equality and education for both genders, not just men as was the case then. It was not at par with the Roman Catholic Church.

The Illuminati have been accused repeatedly of masterminding events and controlling governments as part of a wider plot to ascertain the New World Order. The theories have depicted Illuminati as a lurking shadow (usually in the media), pulling strings for sinister motives.

Modern Illuminati involves numerous public personalities in the entertainment industry. One notable artist who has been accused of affiliation is the celebrated American rapper and producer Kanye West. Brushing off these claims, he says: "Illuminati, high society? We're in this party and nobody invited me!" This is a reply to critics who've accused him, and other several high-profile artists, of being members of the group.

2. End of Days
The Bible describes the "End of Days" in several books such as Revelations, Daniel and Ezekiel. There have been conspiracies centred towards these teachings involving the NWO. Although they have not been named in these theories, it is purported that a group of people worshiping the devil (Lucifer) is doing his bidding on earth.

It is said that the Antichrist will lead the movement by ushering in the New Age. What makes it more interesting is that the false prophet is predicted to come either from the Roman Catholic Church, United States or an Islamic state. Fingers have already been pointed to President Obama as the main possible candidate normally referred to as 'The Beast' in the scriptures. Some suggest that these suspicions have been strengthened by the fact that Obama gave his cherished automobile the same name. However, others contend that a figurehead such as Obama is too obvious, and the true Antichrist hides in the shadows, pulling the strings from behind-the-scenes.

3. Round Table
In the 18th century, Englishman Cecil Rhodes signed a will that advocated for British imperialism which was to be achieved through a secret society. The goal of the society was to absorb the entire wealth of the world while masquerading as the much needed instruments of peace particularly during the two World Wars. The Round Table was an organization formed during this period to foster unity between Britain and all its colonies.

The Rockefeller family was the supposed face of this conspiracy in the 60s, especially in the United States. They were accused of treason and wanting to control the world through a capitalist, world government system. The plot was believed to be several generations old with an evil intention. In his memoir, Rockefeller stated that he was proud to be part of an organization that has built an assimilated economy and political structure on a global scope.

4. Fraternity of Freemasonry
Freemasonry is an organization that has been in existence since the 14th century. During its inception stages, the fraternity was composed of stonemasons and was responsible for the regulation of masonry qualifications and standards.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the organizations offer several degrees and the most outstanding is Master Mason. Some Masonic rituals during meetings include: Lectures, formal dinners, toasting and singing. Symbolism is quite significant with the square, trowel, compasses and other tools portraying the picture.

From the start of the 18th century, hundreds of conspiracy theories surrounding the fraternity surfaced. They are normally categorized in three:

i) Accusations of controlling the government, mostly applicable to United Kingdom and United States.

ii) Accusations of anti-religious practices manifested in a belief system advocating for Satanism.

iii) Accusations of cultural misfit surrounding trendy entertainment like music, film and fashion.

5. An Extraterrestrial Connection
One of the more outlandish theories relating to the New World Order suggests that the leaders of humanity are nothing but puppets for a race of intelligent alien beings that have been secretly coercing the development of humans since the dawn of time. Some claim these aliens are the "Anunnaki" - a race of highly evolved beings first mentioned in ancient Sumerian tablets. According to legend, these beings originally created mankind through the use of genetic engineering to act as a slave workforce. Since then, it is suggested that the Anunnaki have been steadily working to split humanity, creating wars and divisions so that they can eventually create a single dominating one-world government, initiated under a false flag of united peace.

Interesting Facts About the New World Order
After the World Wars, there was dire need for new governance on earth for international peace to prevail. The term New World Order was coined to refer to these liberal efforts. All nations were to be granted equal standing in the international arena as witnessed by the conception of NATO, United Nations and other similar organizations. However, strong opposition was expressed from activists who felt that there was lack of justice in solving wars.

The 40s saw more definitions of the term with one of the most notable being from renowned British writer H. G. Wells. According to him, New World Order is a synonym for a world state with a planned economy. He was actually a futurist and his prediction can be depicted particularly in Europe by the single regional currency-the Euro (€).

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