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'My Near Death Experience' by Mark Antony Raines

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Near death experience

Some time ago whilst I was starting to experience being very thirsty and feeling sick, and my mind was getting confused, and I was starting to make not a lot of sense. My wife rang the doctor, who at first said it was just an inner ear infection, but my wife Enid pursued this further and insisted the doctor came to look me over.

This is where I have to rely on information passed on to by my wife, as I have no recollection of the events that followed.

The doctor could smell a sweet aroma on my breath, and called for an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, they checked my blood sugar count but it did not register. Then they retook it and it read 124.

I was taken to North Devon Hospital, Barnstaple, Devon where I went from the Emergency Ward straight to Intense Care Unit, and was put in an induced coma.

I was in my coma for three weeks. My wife Enid stayed by my side, even going without her own medicine to be with me, and was told on one occasion that she was to expect the worst.

During my time in my coma, I heard a woman's voice I have not heard before or since, telling me to wake up. I then had the most overwhelming feeling I ever had to awaken. My personal belief is that this was my guardian angel. I know many may question my experience, and say it was a trick of the brain, or the heavy medication I was on causing me to imagine things not real.

But I will stick to my guns, and this why I got into the world of the paranormal. I would like to add it's also why I call myself Ghostman.

You see whilst in my coma, I was not in this realm or the final frontier of being in heaven or hell. Most people whom had a coma will tell you it's like you, for a brief mini second, touched the next realm.

I am a member of City of London Paranormal Group – Bideford Branch and Lincolnshire Spirit Seekers, both of which I have produced and presented podcasts about Paranormal.

I have started my very own paranormal group, Holsworthy Paranormal, and do a podcast under the same name which is available on iHeartRadio station. Ghostman Radio Station is available on Red Circle Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and YouTube.

Thanks for reading about my experience that made me more religious than before, more aware of my mortality, and sometimes I smell aromas that are not in my surroundings.


Mark Antony Raines

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