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Eerie Booms Recorded Echoing Through Jersey City

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A video uploaded to YouTube on 26th March appears to provide the latest evidence that unexplained booms are emanating across the Earth.

The video, listed on YouTube as “Strange UFO Sounds Heard In Jersey City, New Jersey. -UFO-” was uploaded by user Mister Enigma, and appears to show someone on a rooftop recording a video while ominous booming sounds can be heard echoing across the neighbourhood.

Since no further information on the source is included, it would be fairly easy to write this off as a hoax. However, whether this video is genuine or not, it is actually just one of many videos and recordings that have emerged in the last few years, documenting the same booming and trumpeting phenomenon from across the United States and other places in the world. Check out the video below for another example of a similar sound that reportedly emanated from the sky in Fort Worth.

Many theories have emerged on the cause of the strange echoing sounds. Sometimes the sounds accompany storms and strange weather, and at other times the sky is completely clear. Everything has been proposed from invisible UFOs, to secret government weather experiments, to clandestine underground tunnelling, and even some unknown natural process.

Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe, who has been leading the enquiry into the unexplained sounds since 2011, has published her latest research into the phenomenon on her website Earthfiles.com. In the article, Linda writes that “There are still no proven explanations.”

However, the article goes on to describe that one possible answer could be that changes in the Earth’s core are creating narrow bursts of infrasound that emanate from within the planet and then bounce back down from the atmosphere. According to Linda’s scientific sources, this could mean that the Earth’s core is undergoing rapid change, and that the magnetic poles of the Earth could be about to flip. If true, this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in Earth’s history. In fact, scientists have discovered that the Earth’s magnetic poles have already shifted many times in the past, the last being around 780,000 years ago, and we are now overdue for another.

So what would a flip in the magnetic poles mean for life on Earth? The truth is, nobody really knows. The effect could be hardly noticeable, or it could cause birds to fly the wrong way when migrating, or perhaps it could have even more catastrophic consequences – time will tell. Meanwhile, the investigation continues.

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