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Gary McKinnon Clarifies UFO Cover-up Findings in New Interview

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Former British 'hacker' Gary McKinnon has described what he uncovered about the alleged UFO and secret space program cover-up, in a new interview with UFO researcher Richard Dolan.

Roswell crash site
Image credit: Richard Dolan/YouTube.

In the hour-long interview, his first in many years, Gary describes how when penetrating US government computers in the early 2000s, he uncovered a Navy spreadsheet containing a list of 'Non Terrestrial Officers'. In a separate access attempt of a NASA computer, he uncovered a raw image of what he describes as a 'perfectly smooth shell of a craft'. However, Gary denied any knowledge of the alleged Solar Warden secret space fleet.

The intriguing full interview can be viewed below via Richard Dolan's YouTube channel.

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