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Image of 'Black Eyed Girl' Caught on Camera by Drone?

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The "Black-Eyed Girl", a ghost that has been reportedly spooking visitors of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire for over 40 years, has now been allegedly recorded by a drone.

Black Eyed Girl

Although the source of the image has not been made clear, this image is being considered by some as the first real evidence of the ghost's existence, despite numerous sightings over the years. The area of Cannock Chase is well known as one of the most haunted places in Britain.

Ghost hunter, Robert Pulme, who believes in the reality of the 'Black-Eyed Girl', explains that walkers often mistake her for a lost child due to her appearance, but then become terrified when they see her eyes and she disappears. Pulme theorizes that the spirit could be that of a child who died from diphtheria in the 1800s. Others believe she is a ghost who is unable to move into the afterlife due to unfinished business. Some even suspect that she was murdered by the notorious serial killer, Raymond Morris, who killed three children in the same area between 1954 and 1967.

These theories are still a matter of debate, as many people consider the whole phenomenon to be a hoax. Some claim that locals simply dress up to scare walkers and maintain the legend. However, a group of teenagers who went camping in 2021 claim to have seen the ghost with their own eyes and say that it moved in ways that humans can't, almost as if it could teleport from one place to another. They also reported seeing the little girl the next morning, observing them from behind a tree with her dark eyes.

Lee Brickley, a supernatural activity expert, reported another incident in October 2019 where a young girl chased after the 'Black-Eyed Child' near Castle Ring but was unable to catch up with her. The girl ran through the trees in pursuit, but eventually reached a cliff-edge drop of around twenty feet. The young girl was fortunate enough to slow down and avoid the fall, as she could have come to serious harm.

With some considering it to be a ghostly spirit, while others dismissing it as a hoax, the mystery of the 'Black-Eyed Girl' remains. However, one thing is for sure, this footage captured by the drone has added fuel to the fire, and reignited the debate over the existence of this enigmatic apparition.

News source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21287359/black-eyed-girl-ghost-uk-staffordshire/

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