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More UFO Researchers Speak Out on the 'Wilson Leak' Documents

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The notes, referred to by some as the 'UFO Leak of the Century', have been creating waves in the UFO community for the last few weeks. Now, more researchers and commentators have provided additional details around the documents which help to verify their authenticity.

UFO Researchers

Link to documents

The fifteen-page leak has been available via the above link since April, but only came to the full attention of the UFO community in recent weeks. The details around these documents are complex, but the essential information is that these pages represent the notes of an interview made by Dr Eric Davis with Admiral Thomas Wilson, a top brass US Navy man who also held the position of Director of the DIA in the late '90s and early '00s.

If the notes are to be believed, Admiral Wilson revealed some stunning information to Dr Davis regarding the apparent existence of a clandestine program to reverse engineer recovered technology that was 'not of this Earth'. This program was apparently so secret and locked down that not even Admiral Wilson was allowed full access.

The researchers listed below have asserted their belief that these particular documents are genuine. However, many questionable 'leaked' documents have appeared over the years, so why should these particular examples be believed?

This article will not attempt to drill into the full and complex details, but instead provide links to the sources concerned, so that the reader can review the details for themselves, and make up their own mind.

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is a well-renowned UFO researcher and historian who has been digging into the UFO cover-up for two decades. He claims that he was originally shown two pages of the leaked documents back in 2006 by an undisclosed source. When the full documents came to light a few weeks ago, Richard was the first major researcher to start talking about them via his YouTube channel.

UFO LEAK OF THE CENTURY. Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Notes.
(YouTube Video - Article Version)

The Wilson Leak: Latest Developments.
(YouTube Video - Article Version)

Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe is a journalist and researcher who has been tirelessly reporting on many aspects of UFOs and high-strangeness for decades. Linda has been detailing the recent Wilson leak via her website and YouTube channel, providing more details around the documents. She has also been focussing on some additional leaked documents regarding the authenticity of the alleged alien autopsy footage that first came to light in the '90s.

Part 1: Leaked 15-Page 'EWD Notes' About UFOs, E.T.s and Back-Engineering UFO Tech.
Part 2: Leaked 11-Page Memorandum from Physicist Eric Davis to Bob Bigelow, NIDS
Part 3: 6-Fingered, 6-Toed Autopsy of Alien Humanoids After May 31, 1947, UFO Disc Crash

YouTube: Linda Moulton Howe Live - 06/12/2019
YouTube: Linda Moulton Howe Live - 06/19/2019

Dr Steven Greer

Dr Greer has been a major figure in the UFO community since the '90s, having founded the Disclosure Project to push for government disclosure on UFOs. Dr Greer is also the only person who is actually mentioned in the documents who has spoken out about their role in the events so far. During a recent interview with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black radio, Dr Greer confirmed many aspects of the documents, and also provided additional details.

YouTube: Dr. Steven Greer speaks on the Davis/Wilson UFO Document Leak

Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron is a highly prolific researcher who has been deeply involved in unravelling the complex clandestine nature of government UFO secrecy for many years. In a recent interview with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black radio, Grant claims he was first provided with the leaked documents in late 2018. He was also able to confirm that the documents were apparently sourced from the files of the late Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, helping to verify the chain of custody.

YouTube: Grant Cameron on the Davis/Wilson UFO Doc Leak

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