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Passenger Spots Vanishing ‘Ghost’ on Local Bus

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A passenger on a bus in the British town of Worthing, Sussex was startled when a lone elderly woman suddenly vanished before his eyes.

Haunted Worthing Bus
Original Image Credit: Matt Davis. Original Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

According to the Worthing Herald, Colin Hicks was boarding the bus at around 12pm on February 28th when he saw that the only other passenger was an elderly lady with a patterned coat and possibly a hat. He noticed that she wasn’t moving and staring directly ahead. After paying for the ticket, he turned around and was surprised to find that the lady had suddenly vanished!

“I ran through it in my mind and all the various possibilities,” says Colin. “Was there another door on the bus? Did she go past me? Was I drunk or hungover? No. Maybe it was a trick of the light? I’m open to the possibility of the paranormal but have never seen anything.”

Since the article was published in the Herald, Colin has added an extra statement into the comments section: “Just to defend my position here,” he says, “I raised this last week as a point of curiosity and purely in the spirit (no pun intended) of inquiry, as I'm not entirely close-minded to the possibility of the paranormal. I didn't think the Herald would take such an interest in it, if any at all. And the notion that it may have merely been an optical illusion is one that I'm not closed to, either, as I stated in the interview.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach, who operate the bus service, said: “We have reviewed some CCTV footage but not found anything unusual as yet. This is very interesting and we will ask our drivers to feed back any spooky goings on that they also notice and we urge any customers to do the same.”

So did Colin see a spooky spectre on its way home from the shops, did he unwittingly slip into a parallel dimension where the passenger never boarded the bus, or could there be a more mundane explanation? The case remains open.

Source: Worthing Herald

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