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Stonehenge Builders Had 'Advanced Maritime Technology', Claims Study

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A new scientific study of megalithic structures throughout Europe has concluded that the circle builders had strong 'intercultural exchange' and used 'advanced maritime technology'.


Bettina Schultz Paulsson, an archaeologist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, compiled radiocarbon data from over two-thousand megalithic sites in Europe in order to map the timing of their construction.

In conclusion, it appeared that the earliest megalithic structures emerged in Northwest France, and then spread throughout Europe along sea routes. This led to the conclusion that the ancient people must have had fairly advanced sea fairing capabilities and cultural exchange for the structures to have developed in this way.

Archaeologists have long debated how and when these sites were built. In her study, Paulsson writes:

“The result presented here, based on analyses of 2,410 radiocarbon dates and highly precise chronologies for megalithic sites and related contexts, suggests maritime mobility and intercultural exchange. We argue for the transfer of the megalithic concept over sea routes emanating from northwest France, and for advanced maritime technology and seafaring in the megalithic Age.”

Could our ancient ancestors have been more advanced than we currently give them credit for?


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