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19/06/2021 13:07:21

Lawmakers React to Classified UFO Briefing

17/06/2021 19:49:22

CNN Article Highlights Military Infighting over UFOs

13/06/2021 20:05:26

06/06/2021 19:37:40

Elizondo and Mellon Weigh-in on Pentagon UFO Report

06/06/2021 19:35:44

NASA Boss Says Agency Will Investigate UFOs

04/06/2021 10:49:00

New York Times Report: "U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either"

02/06/2021 13:04:09

Obama Talks More About UFOs in New Interview

02/06/2021 12:58:09

28/05/2021 20:57:21

Jeremy Corbell Posts Footage of Radar Showing Swarm of UFOs

USA Today: "UFO filmmaker releases 46-second video allegedly showing swarm of objects hovering near Navy ship"

27/05/2021 19:48:55

Media Round-up

Here are the latest UFO disclosure news stories that have featured in the mainstream media since our last update.

The Washington Post: "Opinion: We’re asking the wrong questions about UFOs"

NBC News: "How pop culture set the stage for the coming UFO report — for better or worse"

Independent: "Former pilot claims navy crewmates stayed silent on UFO sightings so they didn’t look kooky"

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