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Californian Woman Uses 'Witchcraft' to Solve Computer Problems

"Have you 'witched it' off and on again? Reverend Joey Talley says she casts spells over broken computers to restore them to health..."
Posted: 20 January 2016 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: home.bt.com
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'Panic' at Kenya Bus Station as 'Passenger Turns into Dog'

"There was drama at Mombasa's main bus terminus in Mwembe Tayari yesterday morning after word sread that one of the arriving passengers from Nairobi had mysteriously turned into a dog..."
Posted: 08 December 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: mediamaxnetwork.co.ke
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Woman Allegedly Fired from US Military for Practising 'Witchcraft'

"This week, a U.S. Air Force dental clinic employee turned to a military religious equality tribunal after allegedly being fired for practising 'witchcraft' and 'bringing demons into the office' because she was Hindu, practised yoga, and listened to Indian music..."
Posted: 11 October 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: thehindu.com
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'Witch Hunts Are Not a Thing of the Past'

"It's easy to assume that the extreme superstition that fueled historical tragedies like the Salem witch trials is a thing of the past, but sadly, Mission India says that’s not the case..."
Posted: 04 September 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: mnnonline.org
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Witchcraft Fears as Stray Cats Terrorise Hospital Patients

"Patients at the Gwanda Provincial Hospital are having no time to concentrate on their recovery process as they have to fight off marauding stray cats in the wards..."
Posted: 21 August 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: zimeye.com
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Five Women Accused of Witchcraft, Killed by Enraged Villagers

"Five woman have been brutally beaten to death by villagers who accused them of witchcraft in India..."
Posted: 12 August 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: naij.com
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Police Suspect Witchcraft Link Behind Triple 'Blue Moon' Murder

"Although the sheriff didn’t fully specify how the homicide links to the lunar event, 'the elements of the case are odd at best', he stated..."
Posted: 08 August 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: tvnewsroom.org
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Decapitated Animals Keep Showing up in Sacramento

"Mutilated chickens, cows, rabbits and lambs have been found throughout the California capital city in the last three months. Investigators don’t know if they’re looking at a spurt of animal sacrifices, or a copy-cat seeking attention..."
Posted: 08 March 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: buzzfeed.com
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Papua New Guinea's 'Sorcery Refugees' Flee Homes

"A number of women in Papua New Guinea have been forced to flee their homes amid accusations they practice witchcraft, becoming the latest victims of a growing phenomenon of sorcery-related violence, officials have said..."
Posted: 07 January 2015 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: news.vice.com
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Family Attacked for 'Raising the Dead'

"A Limpopo mother and her two sons have sought refuge at a police station after their home was torched by residents who accused them of causing a spate of deaths and raising the dead..."
Posted: 16 November 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: sowetanlive.co.za
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Possible Witch Bottle Found in England

"An intact green bottle has been unearthed at the site of the Old Magnus Buildings, constructed during the Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian periods for use as a free school..."
Posted: 22 October 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: archaeology.org
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Witchcraft: Strange Goat Causes Stir in Newsroom

"What appeared to be mild drama last Saturday unfolded when a strange goat walked into the newsroom of the Delta State-owned newspapers, The Pointer and temporarily put a stop to the day’s activities..."
Posted: 15 September 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: leadership.ng
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Britain's Witches Call for Posthumous Pardons

"Modern day witches will gather in England's West Country this weekend to campaign to clear the names of the last three women that were hanged in Britain for the crime of witchcraft..."
Posted: 29 August 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: globalpost.com
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Lift on 'Magic Arts' Ban Splits Virginia Town

"A heated debate is brewing in a quaint Northern Virginia town, where many residents worry striking down an archaic law banning magic arts and fortunetelling could expose the area to crime and corruption..."
Posted: 22 August 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: nbcwashington.com
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Record Bid for Biggest Group of People Dressed as Witches

"An attempt is to be made in Exeter to break the world record for the number of witches gathered in one place..."
Posted: 12 August 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: exeterexpressandecho.co.uk
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'Magic Jar' Retrieved by Saudi Coastguards from the Seabed

"Saudi Arabia’s coastguards men stumbled across a jar at the bottom of the Gulf waters believed to be containing witchcraft items, which were later destroyed by police anti-sorcery experts, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Thursday..."
Posted: 18 July 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: emirates247.com
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The Truth Behind Scotland's Infamous Witch Trials

"Hundreds of witches were burned at the stake and drowned in Scottish lochs - but were the women branded spell-casters bad or mad?.."
Posted: 13 July 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.uk
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Katy Perry Sued for 'Tarnishing' Song with 'Witchcraft'

"Katy Perry is being sued by a Christian rapper for allegedly stealing his 2008 hip-hop gospel song, 'Joyful Noise,' to create 'Dark Horse,' the first single from her 2013 album Prism..."
Posted: 03 July 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: gossipcop.com
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Swiss Town Unveils Memorial for Executed Witch

"The Swiss town that ordered Europe’s last execution for witchcraft will unveil a memorial for the woman beheaded more than 200 years ago, accused of bewitching a child..."
Posted: 15 June 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: forward.com
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Nigeria: Bird Turns into Old Woman in Lagos

"Residents of Ajegunle area of Lagos were, yesterday, thrown into shock, after a bird was said to have transformed into an old woman who confessed to being a witch..."
Posted: 22 May 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: allafrica.com
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Witchcraft and Papua New Guinea's Disappearing Health Service

"When Mary, aged 45, got sick, residents in her remote highland village in Papua New Guinea (PNG) did not take her to the doctor, but to a traditional healer believed to have magical powers..."
Posted: 06 May 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: irinnews.org
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Ghana Village a Refuge for Witches

"...One unique thing about witchcraft belief in Northern Ghana is that there are safe spaces for 'witches'. A 'witch' must not be suffered to die as the scripture says. There are villages that welcome and rehabilitate victims of witchcraft accusations..."
Posted: 06 April 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: ghanaweb.com
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World of Witches: Portraits of English Pagans

"Just about 50 years ago, in the fall of 1964, LIFE magazine published what must have felt to the venerable weekly's long-time readers like a strikingly weird feature. Titled 'Real Witches at Work,' the piece included photographs of modern-day British pagans..."
Posted: 02 April 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: life.time.com
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Pagans and Witches Serving in the British Military

"Dozens of pagans and witches serve in the British military. Scores of Rastafarians and spiritualists are also among services personnel who follow alternative religions, official figures show..."
Posted: 29 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: metro.co.uk
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Were the Pendle Witches Guilty? You Decide

"People are being given the chance to be jurors at a re-trial of the Pendle Witches..."
Posted: 26 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: lancashiretelegraph.co.uk
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Facts and Traditions of the Wiccan Spring Equinox

"The spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere falls on March 20 this year, marking the time when the sun passes over the celestial equator. Wiccans and other neopagans observe the day as Ostara, a festival that celebrates the season's change from dark winter to brightening spring..."
Posted: 21 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: huffingtonpost.com
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School Closed after Accusations of Witchcraft

"Secondary School in Kilifi south subcounty was closed on Tuesday after students complained of torture through witchcraft when they go to bed..."
Posted: 21 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: the-star.co.ke
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Witch-Hunting Down the Centuries

"The persecution and killing of people in the name of practicing witchcraft is still a significant phenomenon in many countries around the world and Nepal is not an exception..."
Posted: 18 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: thehimalayantimes.com
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Branded as Witches - Cleft Lip Children Now See Hope in Africa

"Accused of witchcraft or sorcery, children with cleft lips or palates are often driven into hiding in several African countries, forced to live as outcasts unless they receive an early operation..."
Posted: 16 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: dailytimes.com.pk
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All About Witch Bottles

"Back in 2009 stories of witch bottles began to show up in the American and British press. I had heard of witch bottles before that, most likely in Raymond Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, but to see them being written about in the mainstream media was kind of exciting. Magic has always been a part of popular culture, and an influential one, but it often ends up on the cutting room floor of written history..."
Posted: 10 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: patheos.com
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Californians Turn to 'Water Witches' to Solve Drought

"Did you know that witches help make Two-Buck Chuck? Sadly no one from The Craft is involved, but water witches are increasingly in demand in California as the state’s epic drought continues. John Franzia of the Bronco Wine Company, which makes Two-Buck Chuck and a slew of other wines, regularly uses diviners to find water underneath his California vineyards..."
Posted: 06 March 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: grist.org
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Witch Hunting - Victims of Superstition

"...The National Crime Records Bureau says 2,097 murders were committed between 2000 and 2012 where witch hunting was the motive..."
Posted: 24 February 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: livemint.com
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Man Stones Uncle to Death Over Witchcraft

"A GUTU man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for stoning his 71 year-old uncle to death, accusing him of practicing witchcraft in the family..."
Posted: 23 February 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: newzimbabwe.com
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Witchcraft Suspected After Body Stolen from Tomb

"An elderly woman's body was exhumed in Belize last week and her grandson suspects someone might be selling her bones for black magic..."
Posted: 11 February 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: saultstar.com
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Three held in Abu Dhabi for Practising Witchcraft

"The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of three Arab nationals for allegedly defrauding and illegally taking money from people by using witchcraft, sorcery and faith healing activities to solve their problems..."
Posted: 05 February 2014 - Category: Witchcraft and Magic - Source: khaleejtimes.com
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