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Editor's Blog: Ten Unearthly Years

On its tenth anniversary, Unearthly News editor Matthew Brant takes a ramble down memory lane...
Posted: 18 January 2024 - Category: General Paranormal
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Halloween: A Spooky Tale of Ancient Origins

Halloween, celebrated on the 31st of October, is one of the most beloved festivals in the Western world. Its origins, however, are deeply rooted in ancient Celtic and Christian traditions. The history of Halloween is a fascinating journey that spans thousands of years and traverses various cultures...
Posted: 22 October 2023 - Category: General Paranormal
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A Portal to Another Realm?

In this special featured article, Unearthly News contributor Peter Rosendaal describes some seemingly inexplicable occurrences that he has encountered in and around the doorway to his house...
Posted: 20 April 2014 - Category: General Paranormal
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