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Photo Showing 'Angel' Watching over Firemen Surfaces Online

"A photograph showing what appears to be a huge angel hovering over fire fighters as they tackle a house blaze has sent social media wild with speculation..."
Posted: 05 January 2021 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: thefirstnews.com
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Footage Shows Shopkeeper Saved by 'Guardian Angel'

"A shopkeeper in Turkey was left mystified after a tap on his shoulder from a mysterious stranger seemingly saved him from being seriously injured by a passing truck..."
Posted: 07 March 2019 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: coasttocoastam.com
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Mother Spots 'Guardian Angel' in Down Syndrome Son's Photo

"An Alvin photographer was going through photos that her son had taken and to her surprise, she found something special..."
Posted: 20 May 2017 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: chron.com
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Tornado Survivors Reported Seeing 'Butterfly People' During Storm

"...When the storm was gone, and dazed residents started to shift through the rubble of what was once their lives, stories, strange stories began to seep through the horror. Stories of hope. Stories of the Butterfly People..."
Posted: 09 January 2017 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: mysteriousuniverse.org
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Studio Lights Flash During a Live TV Debate About Angels

"This Morning presenters Ruth Langsford and Ben Shephard had a spooky encounter on today's show as green lights suddenly flashed during a segment on the existence of angels..."
Posted: 19 March 2016 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: dailymail.co.uk
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'Angel in the Sky' Captured on Camera on Cornish Beach

"One lucky dog walker had a heavenly experience on a Cornish beach when he managed to catch on camera this stunning sunset which looks like an angel rising from the horizon..."
Posted: 17 March 2016 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: cornishguardian.co.uk
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Ohio Pastor Talks About 'Angelic Encounter'

"Do you believe in angels? According to an Associated Press survey, 77% of Americans think angels are real, including an Ohio pastor who insists an angel saved him from a horrific accident..."
Posted: 24 February 2016 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: fox8.com
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Does This Photo Reveal a Guardian Angel Hovering Over Crash Victim?

"The family of a man believes a guardian angel can be seen in a picture praying over their loved one after he was involved in an accident..."
Posted: 29 December 2015 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: dailystar.co.uk
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Could Encounters with Strangers Be Messages from Heaven?

"This time of year is one of the purest, most spiritual times for people who believe in the Christmas spirit. Giving and kindness prevail for many, and miracles seem just an arm's length away. Not long ago, I had a strange but possibly spiritual experience that I have since found out is not so uncommon here in our realm..."
Posted: 08 December 2015 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: nj.com
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FEATURED ARTICLE: Watch Out - There's an Angel About

"Angel enthusiasts are an abundant lot, their numbers expanding rapidly especially in the last decade. The explosion in angel interest has spawned a lucrative industry that just keeps growing..."
Posted: 21 August 2015 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: unearthlynews.com
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Girl Who Survived Near Death Fall Saw Guardian Angel

"Annabel Beam was only nine years old when she miraculously survived a thirty foot fall. While she was playing with her sisters outside their Texas home, she plummeted inside a hollowed out cottonwood tree..."
Posted: 16 April 2015 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: redbookmag.com
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Mysterious Voice Called Out to Police in Fatal Car Crash

"It seems to have played out like a scene from a movie..."
Posted: 19 March 2015 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: nj.com
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Dying Hospice Patient Captures Angel on Camera?

"A hospice patient who sensed a presence in her room captured this amazing image of an angel, reports Rather Freaky on Nov. 18. According to the report a female hospice patient who was close to passing over reported sensing a presence lurking in the dark areas of her room. The woman was given a camera to attempt to capture what she was sensing. She reportedly captured the glowing image of any angel..."
Posted: 18 November 2014 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: examiner.com
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Did This Man Meet an Angel?

"Larry Kvitek of Alexandria had an unusual encounter a couple of weeks ago. It all started when he came across a stranger in the parking lot of The Coffee Pot Café. The man came up to where Kvitek was parked and asked him for a ride to Walmart..."
Posted: 20 April 2014 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: brainerddispatch.com
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Mickey Rooney's Angel Encounter Story

"Legendary actor Mickey Rooney, one of Hollywood's last surviving stars of its classic era, passed away April 6th from natural causes. He was 93..."
Posted: 11 April 2014 - Category: Angel Encounters - Source: crossmap.christianpost.com
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